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Is Wisteria Right for Your Arbor?

Smile Recommended Wisteria Plant

Amethyst Falls Wisteria Starter Plant - Outdoors/Bonsai

Never Stops Blooming. Double-powder blue flowers arise in late spring, early summer and again in late summer. It is a popular Japanese Wisteria with fragrant, powder-blue flowers in racemes up to 6 1/2 inches long.

When it comes to picking and choosing the plant that is right for adorning your garden arbor, you certainly have quite a few choices to consider. Wisteria is among the most popular choices available, and you may be drawn to its sweet fragrance and gorgeous blooms. Certainly this is an attractive plant, but it is not suitable for every space. Here are some factors to consider before you plant it next to your garden arbor:


Wisteria can grow to be quite large. In fact, it is common for this plant to grow up to 20 meters high, and many people use it to creep up the side of their two-story house. It also expands outward significantly, too. It is not unusual to see such a plant expand across 10 meters in length. As you can see, this plant can grow quite large. You may have the desire to have a plant this large in your space, but if you do not, you will find that your plant needs regular and consistent pruning maintenance to keep it from taking over other areas of your garden.


Many people are drawn to wisteria because of its large, cascading blooms. The blooms are quite lovely, but you will want to consider what effects the colors of these blooms will have on your space. The blooms are commonly found in purples, pinks, violets, and whites. These hues may look gorgeous with the other vegetation you already have in your space, but then again they may clash. Consider for a moment what the colors will do to your space when the plant is in full bloom.

Type of Trellis.

If you have your heart set on adding wisteria to your garden space, you may be pleased to learn that this type of climbing plant isn't particular about what it latches onto as other such climbing plants are. It will latch on with its stems to anything it can reach and then twine its way around these structures for support. Over time, the stems will grow into a woody branch and will gain thickness, so you will want to find a trellis that offers support that can hold the weight of the plant later as it grows and expands.

As you can see, there is a lot to know and understand about this plant before you add it to your space. It certainly is quite beautiful and is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your garden space. Yet with the unique colors of its blooms as well as the need for either regular pruning or a significant amount of space to expand into, this is not the plant for everyone's arbor. Take these considerations to heart and fully weigh the pros and cons. If you do decide that wisteria is right for you, you will be in store for many years of enjoyment, as this plant provides the fragrance and beauty of its blooms annually as well as a significant amount of shade from its full leaves throughout the year.

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